They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes that is just not enough.  Considering this fact, I just want to express how much we have enjoyed opening our doors again and all the new faces we have seen.  Thank you to all who have stopped in thus far!  However, if you are yet to come see and taste the changes for yourself; what are you waiting for?  No problem though, we're open from 10 am - 8 pm and would love to see you!
So far each day has been better than the previous and that's great.  I really appreciate all the positive feedback and look forward to continuing to service the greater Boothbay area.  We had a bit of a hiccup with our fryer on Day one, but that has been fixed and we are slinging our fresh fries with no problem.  Lots of work and lots of fun, thank you to all who have made this possible!
I know I am a little late on the draw, but this is too good to pass up! The sad part is that this is always how he dresses for work, for Phil is actually a leprechaun; he just has seemed to have misplaced his put of gold...
There is not much to be said.  It has been a long time coming and now it is here.  Luck would not be a bad thing, but I'd like to think it is not needed.  Just come, try and enjoy; we'll be waiting for you.
February seemed to drag on, but these first couple of weeks in March could not have gone by faster.  We still have some new product to debut on Friday, but besides that everything is in place and we are locked and loaded.  The guys at outlaw made us a sign for above the door that they delivered today (pictures tomorrow) and a whole host of other local artisans stopped in with their items as well.  The big day is nearly upon us and we couldn't be more excited.  For me it's kind of like Miami all over again, except this time I'm not just play
It makes me thirsty just to look at it!
Here is a look at my new French Fry Cutter... Oh so delicious!
One day closer... All the menu testing is complete, now it is just time to make it all happen.  I cannot wait for people to get their hands on the new food and specialty items!  Lot's of product coming in Daily in preparation for this Thursday; looking forward to it for sure. It's all in the details, every piece is important no matter how small; that's what we are trying to show our guests.  I am taking the time to make everything from the ketchup and the mayo, to the breads, meat and fries.  I sincerely hope the amount of care we put in everything we do will come across in the final product and I look forward to passing it along to our guests.  4 days left!
The excitement continues to build... Here's a look at our new sign! Thanks to Outlaw Graphics in Southport and my Friend Zachary Louten for helping me with the logo!

Tick, Tick, Tick; the clock has just struck 6. There are 6 days left until we re-open our doors for the first time in almost a month-and-a-half. I realize that is quite a long time to be gone, but I can assure you it will be worth it! Our new sign went up today (pictures to follow) thanks to Outlaw Graphics for such a great sign and Zachary Louten of ITS, inc (also my friend) for helping me design the logo. Like